I'm definitely a jeans and t **** kinda girl. I always have been. When i was younger i was a bit of a tom boy. I still am sorta, i get along 100 times better with males than i do with females, but i am feminine in many ways. I wear dresses on special occassions, but every other day you will catch me in my favourite jeans and a casual t shirt or singlet. I choose comfort. I like to be casual.

jasminjane jasminjane
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3 Responses Jan 12, 2009

i get it. actually i wish they'd drop that word (tomboy). i'm an athlete n i'm not embarrassed about it. i look terrific in a dress but if i could get away with wearing a t-shirt, a jean jacket, jeans n hi-tops evry day i wouldn't think twice bout doin it.

You're like my best friend in a few ways ... though she's bisocial, rather than heterosocial like you and me :)

i lovee shirts and jeans too!