Simply clothing right? When you are riding your bike around campus and trying to get to classes, you have to be practical. I like practical.

I like jeans and t-shirt, maybe with a hoodie. They are practical.

Sometimes you'll find me in jeans, its possible you'll find me in a t-shirt, if we never met before I hope you'll find me in both, but if there is another combination I might not have listed I just hope we've already met :-)
ClaudNine ClaudNine
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2 Responses May 2, 2014

Neat! I love jeans...but oddly enough, I think I've grown out of T-shirts a bit. Unless I absolutely need to be practical and nothing else will do...I don't wear them much. I sometimes feel like someone will scold me for not dressing up enough when I do. lol

So what kind of tops are you wearing? More dressy stuff?

Yep. I think it became habit for me to be more dressy when I went off to college and I just started collecting nicer stuff for my wardrobe. Maybe it was my pride, drive and ambition...but I refused to be one of those people who showed up to class in yoga pants. lol. I had a roommate back then that was the exact opposite as me-clothes-wise, and I remember she' d raid my closet anytime she needed something nice. I swear she still has my lucky date dress to this day. I always considered swiping a T shirt from her and keeping it as a hostage.

Okay, I'll never wear yoga pants to class, but I gotta be comfortable :-)

That can look good on a girl :)

I hope.

Yeah it makes them look kind of adventurous in my opinion :)