I dont understand why people find dresses comfortable. you feel your fat thieghs press against each other, and get gross gusts of wind
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me too I feel like some food on the wraps

lol that's y I don't wear them I love my confortable form fitting blue jeans and my t-shirt

Problem is everyone today wears jeans and t-shirts. I wish everyone would throw them out and start wearing skirts & dresses again.
Its getting hard to find dresses in the department store anymore and the other stores that handle them have raised the prices.

Hooray for leggings & dresses over pants??? ;)

i have an akward figure. i dont know. i might have to find a fat person dress

Finding comfortable, flattering clothing can be very frustrating & overwhelming. Searching out something that makes you feel fabulous in markets that favor skewed sizing in order to fit the largest net quantity of product production & sales is daunting.
If you can find something you like the cut of on your figure, the best option is often to alter it.
Sew it! Stitch it! Make it yours!

Youre right! the issue is, im a plus sized, and finding anything i like, can be a pretty costly ammount.

Just look on line for plus size clothing. JC penny's, Sears and also Lane Bryant

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