I totally am cuz theyre comfy and i hate dresses and skirts cuz u always have to worry about how to sit
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I sometimes wear a short dress as a tunic and wear jeans or shorts underneath. Or you can wear spandex shorts that are comfy under your dresses and then you can sit however you want.

Dressed in your jeans and T then have your wrists tied above your head stretching you up to tiptoes. Your T raising up to expose your tummy. Side view, front view and rear view. I bet you are one sexy girl.

i totally dont get that

Trying to pay you a compliment. Standing in that position and the shape of your body. Picture a side view of what I'm describing. You standing with your wrists tied above your head. The shape of your legs, roundness of your butt, concave belly shaping to your breasts then your hair hanging down your shoulders. Just trying to express my thought of a girl's beauty. Hope you understand what I'm trying to describe. Stand in front of a mirror sideways with your arms high above your head. Look at the shape of your body. Trust me, it's a compliment.

I agree it dont have anything to do with this subject at all!

Since your neither boy nor girl you wouldn't understand.

I understand more than u think. I see boys tying to look up under my dresses all the time if they are short ones.

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Jogging lounge pants and any baggy cut ones are the most comfortable I think