Im far away from being a tomboy. Luv wearing bling bling stuff + doing make-up + having my hair done + painting my nails. Just dont like dresses!
My fav outfit will always be some jeans with some tight cropped t-shirt or even better jeans hotpant and bikini top. Best worn with either chucks or no shoes at all (yah, i luv being barefoot).
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just wear bar and gstring everywhere

How about without bra? Damn girl I like everything I see and read about you here, except for you being in Australia, I visited friends in Melbourne and Taz last very far from me in NY

you look stunning in that outfit

You sound amazingly hot !

Where In oz you from

l like your style !

I like being bare foot as well. But I jest soon not wear anything at all and live life naked as much as posible

What is bling bling stuff?

Makes sense to me...everyone should have their own style, and not worry over labels...