I'm pretty proud of myself today. I saw my ex on the bus and I didn't even have a slight feeling that I missed him. Awesomeee. He was the one guy that I opened up to and then he left I'm just happy I'm finally over that ******.
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you go girl! f them I have been through hell and back. Not worth it. The worst part is I have a child with him. He literally just got with me because he wanted a son to carry on his name. He picked me because I have good genetics.

Really? Oh my goodness that's awful! I went to visit my family for 2 months and we were kind of talking we were thinking of dating. But I didn't have those same feelings I had for him they were all gone. Now I'm with someone new and I never been more happy!

Happy to hear how Gr8t your day was especially moving on! his bad day...

WOOOHOOO! oh happy day :)