Gimme Jeans and a T Any Day

dont get me wrong, i love to dress up sometimes, but im a country girl at heart.  I've got my dress jeans, my paintin jeans, my comfy jeans...etc.  i absolutely love the feel of a good pair of worn in jeans, a comfy shirt, and barefeet.  to me, thats the best outfit any day of the week!
simplycherie simplycherie
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5 Responses Sep 1, 2007

mon. am ~ sat. am: wrangler jeans, a sassy tee, and comfy..worn-in boots. sat. pm. ~ sun. pm: wrangler cut-offs, a "holy" tee, and sandy barefeet. :-)

AMEN! Best outfit I love bein barefoot anytime i best thing when i can't b is flipflops lol tshirt and a pair of jeans is the best outfit :)


im with you girl!<br />
my jeans are turned up and my feet are bare and im comfy!

Naw, you won't feel cold when it is snowing? Maybe you can wear multiple T-shirts on top of eachother ;)