I Am a Yoga Pants Kind of Girl.

I personally like to wear anything that is comfortable. I hate wearing dresses and shirts unless I am going out to something fancy. I do own some skirts but I don't wear them that often. At least with yoga pants or with any kind of pants, you can sit in a chair with your legs spread apart without anybody looking! Sweatpants are my favourite winter clothes and along with my hoodies! So comfortable!
eastsidechick eastsidechick
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4 Responses Sep 6, 2007

comfort is key. i love yoga pants. luckily my boy freind likes when i wear yoga pants so i dont need to dress uncomfortably to impress him. lol cuz i wouldent i would just wear comfy clothes anyway. tank tops and yoga pants or pajama pants all the way.

He can be happy you dress up at least once a year. :0)

I think my boyfriend gave up. I will wear my yoga pants and my sweats when and wherever I want and he can't say anything at all! Well, not all the time. Christmas I will actually dress up.

I love wearing the sweatpants in the winter. My husband is not to fond of them. When you are cold, you have to wear warm clothing. I try telling him.