My Jeans

I love jeans and a t-shirt. Good thing since if I did not I might be overly dressed most of the time. The reason, I have 3 young boys. Football in a dress NO WAY. I can do whatever I want to and be comfortable. That is a plus. I am not the girlie dressy- up kind of girl. I feel all out of place and think I look dumb in a dress or skirt. No matter what it looks like.
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4 Responses Sep 12, 2007

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I can see the look on your face when you pulled it out. It would be the "what" look. It now gives you a reason to buy some thing new to wear.

I know how you feel. I have scrubs for work, and jeans or jammies the rest of time... usually. I DO keep a pair or two of dressier slacks for funerals, weddings, and special occations. lol. Two weeks ago when I pulled out my ONE dress... I kid you not... it had a huge hole dead in the center of the skirt, where a mouse had chewed through it! :O lol. THat tells ya how often I wore that dress!

I could understand dressing with the things you are selling. It is a good selling point. Yet if you are in the department of dress clothing, you are stuck wearing that type of clothing.

I prefer my jeans and t-shirts and tennis shoes. When I was in school and only worked part time you would always see me in jeans a shirt tennis shoes/my timberland boots and a baseball cap. I always made it look cute though (very color cordinating type of person) my tennis shoes had to match my clothes and so did my jacket or coat for that reason alone I have tons of tennis shoe and different color jackets and coats. Now that I work full time at dillards I don't get to wear that stuff much anymore we have to dress business professional dress pants and jackets which I think sucks cause we we could dress according to the stuff we sell I would have way more clothes to wear.