Jeans, T-shirts, Sneakers

I've always been this way. I feel restricted when I wear a skirt or a dress because I can't move as freely (well...I could move freely, it just wouldn't be necessarily cute or lady-like!). I wear a skirt or dress if I have to, but I usually feel terribly awkward. It's usually a dressy occasion, so I'm wearing nice shoes which means my posture is different and, therefore, my energy is different. Not bad, just not normal for me. Obviously, I have issues....

But, there's nothing like having that pair of jeans that go perfect with everything and fit my butt just right! A t-shirt that's tight in the right places, throw on a pair of cool, comfortable shoes or boots, some cute earrings and I'm good to go!

sexysam2012 sexysam2012
41-45, F
Sep 26, 2009