My, Im Old Fashioned

ok, i admit it, i do not wear a skirt or a dress except when its needed. And most of the time, i dont.

i fancy t-shirts and pants since time immemorial (?), and i somehow stick to that fashion (whoever started that?). now with skinny jeans hot in the market, i, an old lady, remained contented with my bootlegs. darn!

goodthing, im moving on to blouses.


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6 Responses Jan 7, 2010

lol!. well at least on special occasions i try to convince myself that i do look good in a dress. my prob usually is because i am somewhat not very ladylike with my movement. awkward always. but i love high heeled shoes, and wearing one makes my hip sway, so it kind help and even minimize my awkward movement. i dont know why i just loved jeans and im very comfy in it. <br />
<br />
dare to go beyond...well that's who i am.

i know how you feel! i HATE dresses and hardly ever wear skirts. combats and tshirt are always what i wear! it was so funny the other day, i was at school and everyone was saying what they were wearing for the xmas party, someone said, 'what color is your dress?' and i said 'i don't have one.' they all looked at me like i was going crazy lol! :-)

lol! it's really fine. i have survived wthout it for years. but it willbe fun to wear one. just not comfy yet. if it wasnt required in school, then ill prolly not wear one for half of my life. odd. i just dont think i look good in it, that' why.

Me too...t-shirt&'sme...very simple...I luv it. I hate skirt..I'll wear it if it's a must..for 2 years I never wear skirt..hahaha..Im a girl but I hate skirt. It's fine!!

hmmn. you will find that guts someday. lol! take your time. whatever pleases you. start your own fashion if it pleases you. spread your wings. :)

I'm pleased for you to have this choice. It's sad that if I want to choose to wear a skirt in public I am likely to be ridiculed. Make sure you enjoy how you want to dress, maybe I will have that right too sometime.