Always Been, Always Will

My mom used to buy me clothes growing up that I totally hate. Bright colored skirts, or flower-printed tops, lace dresses. The more that she did this, the more I run to my dad and ask him to go shopping with me for jeans and shirts. They always end up arguing about it. Funny really.

Bit of a tomboy growing up so you could imagine the torture I went through with my mom, who by the way is all girly - drives me nuts!

I don't mind the girly stuff now. I actually get amazed with them and I love trying them out. But I haven't given up my jeans and shirt. This is how I dress up going to work, going to the mall, going to the movies, going to church. Heck, we even have this Annual Winter Party coming up and it's 'Come as You are'.

Guess what I'll be wearing?

Ok, maybe not a shirt. Probably a nicer top, a girly one. But definitely with my jeans.

And my favorite of all: a pair of jeans and a white shirt. I believe this attire is just simply sexy! I even love it on men!

Sylphy Sylphy
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So last month we had this annual banquet at work. I ended up wearing dress pants and a gorgeous silk top...nothing fancy cuz I want to have fun - drink and dance. I planned to wear jeans but my friends agnged me up and said to be different...fine...whatever...<br />
The funny thing is, the ones who were all made up with evening gowns and whatever else they have, left after dinner and came back dressed in jeans to dance and party...and it always happens every year...crazy women! ;)

LOL! I think you can definitely pull it off, Taken...your hubby would tell you so when you're all dressed up...or even when not! LOL ;)<br />
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I think we just don't need to be so elaborate with ourselves because we are confident with just jeans and shirt. True, we dress up when the need arises...and honestly, I feel very different when I do. I've never really thought of it as 'pretend' (now probably I will); I just feel different. ;)

*big smile* Glad you're glad...thanks again.

DV, or maybe I call you Dream...yes, well-worn jeans are one of the best. I don't even mind frayed hem lines. There's a whole history on those pair of jeans...and it's part of who and what you are.<br />
Thanks for the comment. :)

Totally gorgeous, eh, bella? ;) So pleasing that it just heightens your senses!<br />
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Thanks for the comment. *hugs*

I am a jeans kinda girl myself....and I totally agree with you a man in jeans and White T-shirt...simply delicious :D think they have got to be the funniest creatures ever. And we could totally relate to that having been one.<br />
<br />
It does seem rational - to be a rebel, to be an alternative of how the parents are/were. The circle of life. <br />
<br />
And sooner or later, they would end up loving jeans...and a shirt. It`s all these stuff they see from celebrities. Trendy stuff...and I really wasn`t one.

Seems to be how it works Lilly. So if you're an 'alternative' parent your kids rebel against you by being normal. Just can't seem to win - but you can have a few laughs along the way!

Every generation needs something to rebel against. It'd be funny if your kids ended up wearing girly stuff (hopefully not if they are boys ;)

I have no idea what our mothers were thinking back then. Something to do with how they grew up during their younger times maybe - and they thought they could pass it on to us. <br />
Ha!<br />
Thank you, Levi Strauss. And Gap. And American Eagle Outfitters. And Old Navy. And........