Country Girl

I was born and raised on a farm and I firmly believe if I can't wear Jeans and a T-Shirt then I didn't belong there to start with...

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Jeans and T-shirt girls sexy!

So much less pretentious

I've always like women "dressed down".

Dress up for me is clean, new jeans and a t-shirt without holes

be true to yourself first & you most likely wear it well.

A barefoot woman......HELL YEAH!

i like that

What kind of farm girl goes barefoot ?

LOL...This one

And cowboy boots ?

oh yeah..But I do love

Yep, and bare feet too for me;)
That's about as dressed as I ever get, and even that's a compromise. I'd really rather just go nude.

Its better to wear close fitting clothes as they make work safer. Its the same with hair

Are we talking britches and a fruit of the loom t-shirt or a pair of daisy dukes and a wet teeshirt? LOL

Depends is it hot and raining?...lmao

It is steamy after a walk in the rain and we are bare footed with mud squishing between our toes. The birds & crickets have come out to serenade us while the frogs are calling for more rain. And you my dear are looking so fine as we smile at each other and walk hand in hand down this country road with not a worry in the world just you & me.

You are a man after my own heart..

mee too in jeans..teez...and sneakers!

I like your style

Y thank you darlin..

My pleasure

You reflect my sentiments there, exactly!

I wasnt raised on a farm, but I was born in jeans and a T Shirt! you know that the difference between men an women is in their jeans1 ;-)

That pretty much sums up my wardrobe.

I agree and if a man feel he belongs in a dress that should be o.k. Too

Can I be your Forest Gump?? OK Jennieeee!??

Where are ya from?? I farm in Kansas

Small town in Alabama

I KNEW there was something wonderful about you!


It's amazing how you can share something as innocent as wearing jeans on a farm and guys take it as an invitation to flirt. What would type of responses would you expect if you wrote about milking cows, baling hay, and collecting eggs.

Ahh Jeez don't even open that door this is EP
Milking cows will get a response from every perv with a breast fetish
Baling hay will get you all the BDSM people
Collecting eggs Oh lord I hate to think what that is gonna bring out of the woodwork

tight jeans,especially levis, is very sexy attire. It is one of the most fetching styles there are.

a toast is in order,,raise you're glass to dairy milk,,hell ya,,but i gotta tell ya i love wearing girls jeans,,they just rock,,i think there cool....

Its nice to know you were raised at farm, I love farm life and be happy when I am at hometown its a very village type place!

I fanasize about jeans -they are truely womanly

Country Girls are the best! City girls can't pass the test!!!

i agree living on a farm