Jeans And A Shirt Is All One Needs

I guess from way back when I was a young gal in high school I always loved jeans and a t shirt of some color.

I was rather a tom boy back then and in some ways I still am. Jeans that fit nicely to my shape and that are confortable is the key to comfort.

You can wear them most any where and they seem to last for ever. I use to have some jeans from way back in the 1970's that still fit with their flair bottoms .

The style was around for awhile and the straight legged ones took over. Fashion comes and goes and at one time the bell bottoms were back again.

Yes,life is funny. Clothes ,shirts ,all kinds of fashion in life and fads come and go. History always repeats itself in a variety of things.

I know one thing for sure though that I will never stop wearing my shirts and blue jeans. They are just a part of me I can't let go.

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1 Response Apr 17, 2010

Being a farm girl, I am always wearing jeans and a shirt or sweatshirt. In fact when I have to go some place where I have to dress up I have trouble finding a dress to wear. Thanks for the add.