I Want to Collect My Money Back From a Sly French Client

I started my career in knitting garment field last year. Unfortunately, due to the current economic crisis worldwide and the ill-charactered French client, I could not get my money back, about 35,000 USD.

The client is a descendent of Arab, his company is in Paris, which I just paid a visit at the beginning of this year. Short of experience of this kind, I am too naive to trust him so much. At early April,  he delayed the payment for the garments for the reason that he is in financial plight and need my help to release all the docs for the goods first, and once he retrieved the money from the wholesales, he will pay the money money to me at the end of July. I did.

However, till now, though all measures I could imagine, such as telephone his office, asked younger sister oversea study near Paris to call at his office, email him in good tune, even prepared for cost 10% money for a debt retrieving company in Paris to help us, however, it was the action of this that he maybe conspired to do this evil, for he registerd his company in Hongkong, and the debt retrieving company can do nothing for us.

To my angry, when I politely inform him that I would ask the debt retrieving company represent to get the money, he emailed me, "ok, tell him to all me, you needed to be angry", don't even mentioned about the money he owed us.

I am sorry for myself and also for the ill-credit and ill-character Arabian-French man. However, personally, I should be responsible for my inexperience and naive, but the price I havd to pay is too high for me, I am really exhausted and helpless.

qingyu qingyu
Dec 1, 2008