Swingers' Dance (take 10)

Tonight's dance is one of the most looked forward to adventures we've had... she thought it was last weekend and was disappointed when I told her the correct date.  She's been happy and buzzing for days and I am looking forward to a great evening.

We're getting better at these ... she's really hot when she sets her mind to it and I love to watch her have fun.  (however she chooses to do it)

We have a nice bamboo paddle in the car - just in case I don't behave ... she can take me out there, whip me quickly and lead me back in!

Good luck to us!  We're going to have fun.
married2bf married2bf
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5 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Like whipping a horse <strong>before</strong> the back stretch? :) Then each time I nodded off while the women were on the dance floor getting their birthday ***** ... she could have reapplied the whip and somehow found a way to get me to the finish line... I'd have been into it - but she's more merciful than a jockey being paid a percentage of the purse!<br />
<br />
I'm embarassed to report that I didn't get ot see much of the birthday ******* ... the ladies were having a hell of a time!

She should have done it at least once! We ended up leaving early, tired. I'm rather certain I spoiled her night and weekend by being a lazy old man... Alas... youth is wasted on the young. I must get more serious with the Wii Fit. Sorry folks, married2bf is awesome on a keyboard but was a fizzle on the dance floor!

And how many times did she have to take you out back to paddle you?

>love to watch her have fun. (however she chooses to do it)<<br />
Yes!<br />
To me this is the hallmark of true love...<br />
Hope you'll misbehave :)

ooh ... you will let us know how you get on!!!