Online Foreplay

I love to play erotic games.  I love to think of ways to keep it fresh and alive.  Most of all I love to write about what I love to do.  Setting the scene.  Suggesting, creating anticipation.  Online foreplay I think you could call it.  Knowing that he reads something I've written and picks up on my signals and clues is a huge turn on for me.  All the erotica I write on here is written with one person in my mind, almost without exception.  He knows who he is and he will recognise my fantasies and will know all my twists and turns and nooks and crannies - lol. 

EP provides the opportunity to be an exhibitionist in a way which is unique and highly arousing for me.  And hopefully it provides some entertainment for others who read my stories too.

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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4 Responses Jul 24, 2010

lol@southernman ... it keeps the blood pumping around the body!!!

I've never had to take so many cold showers till I met you WiB :-)

Yes, I love to let him know what I like ... intimate details ...and also describing things that we've done together ... the exhibitionist in both of us loves that.

thanks merily ... I do ... and I am glad too. ;-)