Have-had Which Is It

If we talk about having a life of playful sex explorations, then I am not your guy.  If we are talking about having had a life full of playful sex explorations, then sign me up.

When I was younger I had women my own age, younger and older.  The largest spread was when I was 29.  I was having sex with a single 19yo on Tuesdays and a married woman of 43 was having an affair with me.

Sizes and shapes I have had them all.  One girlfriend never wore a bra because she said her A cups just didn't need them and I have had more than one women who after childen couldn't get her **** to stay up with a crane.  From 4'11 98lb to over 6 feet tall and 250

Places, every room in the house, front yard, back yard, office cubicle, store front, front/back seat of a car, national park in the woods, whereever

Postitions all,

Places on a womans body all

But age catches up with all of us and leaves very fond memories, but memories are what they are and will stay.  Good luck to all of you trying to find sexual adventure

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No change on this story, I am still taking it low and slow, but the memories remind I was young once upon a time

Welcome to this group! Nice to hear you've so many fond memories. From your summary I take it you must have some good stories to tell and share with us!?