Doom and Gloom

a have tried to watch what i usually do on TV. The history channel or science .what do they seem to broad cast the most is the end of the world. how many ways it could happen and how question is why do they not put some time in to solving some of the worlds problem afther all if we do not start to talk about solution to say world peace it will never happen? instead they sell the doom and gloom hour.

mamajill mamajill
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2009

I couldn't have said it better myself.

It is not in the best interest to solve the world's problems because it will tke away the power of the few who rule the world by enpowering the masses. They know that the world can be controlled by manipulating the greed of people and that is why the monetary system has been created. Money is not "real", it is man-made and the use of money is to establish a social hierarchy to keep people in order. People are motivated by greed, the greed for materialism, for power and control; everyone's dream is to be rich because they believe money also buys happiness. If the monetary system is abolished, there will be social chaos because there will be no means to separate the "classes".<br />
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So to solve the world's problems, the answer is always you need money. Cancer can be cured but they need money to find a cure, world hunger can be eliminated but they need money to grow food, crime can be reduced but they need money to enforce laws, education can be improved but teacher only teach better if they are paid more, environmental issues can be solved but money is needed to build alternative energy sources, to clean toxic waste, to provide clean air. People only tend to do things for personal gain so if they will not solve problems unless they can benefit, otherwise it is "let someone else do it".<br />
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How many of us know our ancestors and were thankful for what they did in the past to make our future better? The future generation would not know who we were and once everyone who knew us are dead, it would be like we never existed at all. Life is relatively short and the time we have for ourselves is not much, the first quarter of life is spent learn at schools, the next two third are spent earning "money" to scratch out a living, then the reaminder are a couple of useful years of retirement and then it is convalescing and reminiscing of what could have been.