That's How People Treat Me

I think it says more abou them than me but, I do have some down times. too many really. I get depressed heaps and sad and disappointmeent follows me. I often curse myself I feel like a born failure over my failures at uni, work, relationships, men just don't like me only spa. sorry but it does affect a girl when nice young guys don't talk to her - it has affected my self confidence the way men have been so rude, aggressive and rejecting me.

I often feel afraid to wear makeup or do much with myself in fear of being bashed up again. I offten over-eat so men will be turned off by my fat ugly body. cuz of all the sex assaults I have gone thru.

I don't even look for love now. I don't think children will be an option for me. I was happy at university and proud to get the chance to study - it ment so much to me - I wanted my family and werner and my friends to be proud of me, but instead they became jealous, agressive and undermining. ths just makes me feel like a looser, I had to get rid of friends also due to their abuse this has just made me feel alone and less trusting,,,, more of a looser again.
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Jul 18, 2010