Pretty And Feminine Girly Girdle

Girls I have always enjoyed the feeling of a Girdle. Tight control feeling that men can never experience, a feeling of pure FEMININITY.

I have worn, LLPG, OBG, Corsettletes with Zip front, hook and eye clouser , satin diamond panel and open botton always with sheer stocking attached to the garters. I especially enjoyed the way a Padded Hip and Butt panty help me sway my hips and walk with a FEMININE gait.

The pretty restraint with the Girly Girdle feeling and tug of the nylons attached to the garters. An OBG under a tight skirt, with lacy slip, or an LLPG with stockings held up by garters, with the tabs showing through my slacks screaming "I'M WEARING PANTIES, A GIRDLE AND STOCKINGS.
carolannP carolannP 61-65, M 8 Responses Nov 29, 2012

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I love to wear an open bottomed girdle (No panties) with seamed stockings.

I want one x

Well why not get your own dear? ;-)

Like you Carol Ann I too enjoy wearing panties, a girdle and stockings, though usually a panty girdle. And besides the look and feel, especially when tucked, it is fun when you see someone notice, not only the smooth feminine crotch with slacks or even jeans and the tab bumps. My wife get a kick out of it too, but she especially likes it when I wear stockings with a garter belt and panties ... she loves to snap the garters. ;-)

I love to wear an open bottomed girdle (No panties) and silk, seamed stockings everyday.

mmmmmmmmmmmm sounds delicious

i remember when i was younger wearing my mothers girdles and hookong up the nylons to the garters,,, ohhh what a feeling.


mmmmm.........would love to see that

for a truly fem look and feel try a good fitting underwire bra

I know, I do have 3 Underwire Bras with lacy cups. RED, BLACK AND A CUTE FEMININE WHITE!

i also suggest getting some t-bras they give good deffinition