Adventure Part - 2

Part – 2 (Continuing our journey from Part – 1)

We finally pulled off the main highway to continue our trip using the back roads and paths. We followed the path until we came to a clearing and decided that would be a good spot for lunch. We unloaded the jeep spread out two blankets and opened the picnic basket. I opened a bottle of wine and poured each of us a glass. As we ate we talked about how quite and serene this spot was just nature and us.

I could stand it no longer, reached out and pulled her to me and gave her a long passionate kiss. Our breathing became heavy and we both knew that we had to make love to each other. I slipped her shirt off and then pulled her tank top over her head exposing her bra. I quickly unsnapped it and started massaging her ****. Her chest was heaving as I lower my lips to her nipples, playfully biting one then the other. She whispered that she had to have my **** inside her. But I was not ready for that. I kissed my way down to the waistband of her shorts. I slowly pulled her shorts and thong down her legs until they were off. The sun shone on her wet ***** causing it to glisten. I spread her legs and kissed my way up her legs until I reached her *****. I spread her lips and guided my tongue to her ****, she almost screamed when my tongue touched it. I moved my tongue over and around her **** as fast as I could. She grabbed my head and pulled it to her while she ground her **** into my tongue. Within seconds I felt her legs tighten around my head as she had an ****** like I have never seen before, her *** was gushing out of her. As she began to relax she asked me to **** her but I knew that I had to pleasure her one more time with my tongue. I started licking her **** again but also inserted two fingers into her *****. She went wild and soon had another ******. Once again she said that she wanted my **** inside of her.

I stood and pulled my clothes freeing my ****. My **** slid easily into her soaking wet *****. I have never seen her so wet. I picked up the pace until I was pounding my **** into her as hard as I could. Every time that I slammed her *** I could feel her juices spraying out. She was meeting my thrust just as hard as I was meeting hers. Her **** were swaying so hard that I thought that it had to be painful. I could stand it no longer and yelled that I was about to ***. I rammed my **** into her a few more times, then made one last thrust as I began to spew my *** deep into her *****. She was ******* as well and I could feel both of our juices pouring out of her ***** and running down my thighs. I pulled out and we both collapsed into a heap of tangled flesh.

We relaxed for a while and decided to go skinny-dipping in the stream to clean up. The water was cold but it felt good against our hot bodies. As we were getting out of the stream she pushed me against a boulder and started sucking my ****. It felt so good. She deep throated me like she never had before and soon had me ******* down her throat. She swallowed every drop; she then stood up and gave me a long kiss. After the kiss she said that this had been a most memorable day and I agreed. I guess being alone had allowed both of us the opportunity to truly release our passions.

We heard the clap of thunder in the distance and decided that we probably needed to head home. We did not want to be caught deep in the woods in a thunderstorm. While she repacked the picnic basket I put the top on the jeep. She threw her bra, thong and shirt into the basket as well, wearing only her shorts and tank top. It started to rain just as we got to the main highway but did not rain long. On the outskirts of town I saw a car wash and told her I was going to stop and wash the mud off the jeep so that it would not get in the driveway at home. She said fine. (Adventure continues ….)


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