My Wife Her Boyfriend And Her Friend

My wife Julie has a really good friend, Nancy, who got divorced about 8 months ago. Nancy is one of the very few people who know about our sexual triangle. In fact she is one of the friends that Julie made ********** in front of that I wrote about in another story. In any case Julie told me that Nancy really needed to get laid and she offered up her boyfriend to take care of her need this weekend.

So last night the four of us went out to dinner. We got home about ten. We all knew what was going to happen so we went straight up to the bedroom. Well actually we did stop downstairs to pour some glasses of wine. Adobe Road Pinot Noir, I recommend it.

In litterally no time at all they were both on their knees sharing his **** while I was to sit in the chair and watch. When they got his **** good and hard Julie helped nancy out of her clothes and onto our bed. He climbed on as well and went straight between her legs with his tongue to make sure she was ready for him. She was already realy wet though, I could see from across the room, so he wasted no time and climbed on top of her. Julie sat on my lap and we both watched as he guided his **** into her *****.

He was very gentle with her and within a minute or two had a good six or seven inches inside her, slowly making love to her. But it wasn't long before she whispered something in his ear and it became obvious she wanted to be on top. So she climbed up top and started humping him wildly like she hadn't had a **** in months. She couldn't take all of him but she did start grinding her **** down on his pelvic bone. She was a loud moaner, I never would have guessed that. She seems so quiet. In any case she soon came all over his **** and collapsed on his chest.

Julie got up and walked over. It was her turn and she wanted some of his **** too. She hiked her skirt up and leaned over the bed. And he ****** my wife. She loves his ****. She has been ******* him now for a couple years and her ***** has grown accustomed to his size. So he stood behind her slowly pumping his **** into her and she took every inch of it. In between moans and her heavy breaths she said "Baby don't *** yet Nancy wants to feel you *** inside her." She was on the edge and he knew it. He murmerd ok but started really ******* her. slamming it into her. He ****** my wife's beautiful sexy body like I could only dream of doing. Finally I saw her eyes roll back and she started *******.

Nancy, who was still lying on her back, smiled sheepishly and spread her legs apart. He climbed on top and slid his ****, slippery with *** from both of then, into her ***** again. This time it wasn't softly. He ****** her hard until she was ******* again. As her moans started to subside he slowed down, clenched his ***, and started pumping a huge load into her.

As he climbed off there was *** pouring out off her ***** and she was smiling ear to ear.

I can't believe how much control he has, These are two very hot and very, very sexy women. I have to really concentrate to make sure Julie **** before me. He made Julie *** and Nancy *** twice before he emptied his balls. And he really ****** them. Oh well, I guess that is why he is a permanent fixture in our sex life.

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Yes, that is why he is the stud and we are the cuckolds. I actually prefer to be the cuckold though.

I too wish I could perform like your wife's boyfriend. Enjoyed the story very much. Thanks for sharing!

luv ur story

Great story! Any repeats planned?

I wish. He has ****** Nancy several times in our house since, but not with Julie at the same time and I did not get to watch. Maybe I should bring that up.

I think i like Nancy:)

I like Nancy too! Guess I have known her for 7 or 8 years. I don't have sex with women other than my wife but she is definitely a fantasy. She knows it and so does Julie so they have both teased me for several years. I did tell Nancy that I wanted to watch her again and she said OK. We are having a party tonight....I'm hoping.

Yummy <br />
Nothing better

Wham bam thank you mams. Sounds like fun.