Missing My Marine Recruit...

we fell inlove in jan 2010...we been together ever since... we went through some problems 3 weeks before he left to bootcamp. we tried to work it out and when he left i cried alot the first 2 weeks, but now i barely cry..i guess its cause im getting stronger. when he left i got a letter 10 days later and i feel like it helped alot because i feel like im closer to him and our relationship is way better nowsmiley  hes almost done with bootcamp and i cant wait to see him! i cant wait to attend the graduation. This experience has been really hard and i would like some support and make some new friends. anyone dealing with the same situation? please contact me.. thanks

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Did he get RA when he graduated in Nov?

My Boyfriends Leaving in a few months, really worried and scared. I know im going to be sad when he leaves :/

My boyfriend of 6 months left April 2end for boot camp in Parris Island we send letters back and forth but I miss and love him so much i can't wait till we get his graduation date and I can attend it and see him, hold him and kiss him and make up for the moths we were apart. its hard ive never been in this situation before but I know I have to be strong for the both of us and I believe this will strengthen our relationship

My boyfriend of almost a year left for boot camp in January and wow do I miss him. We send letters back and forth frequently, the first month has strangely gone by pretty quick. All I need to know is that we are still together and he is coming back in order to stay positive :) He will be back in a flash!

My boyfriend of almost a year now just left for lansing today and he ships out tomorrow to san diego. i'm so upset and its so hard to keep positive. He's doing it to better himself and his life. I know i have school to focus on but 3 months seems so long...I just want to know if it will go by fast or not... I would like advice. If you could e-mail me at susanxparmeter@aim.com or look me up on facebook to message me susan parmeter. Or i have an AIM instant messanger irockursocks1241 if someone could please give me advice i would be very thankful...

My boyfriend of 6 years just left to boot camp yesterday early morning. We live in Southern California near San Diego so he was picked up and didn't have to fly. I'm not sure if your boyfriend had to fly out or not. But ya, he was picked up at around 4AM and I've been bummed out ever since.<br />
Yesterday completely sucked! We have been living together for about 2 years so not having him in bed next to me is the absolute worst feeling! It honestly feels like he's died or in prison but I know he's just a couple hours away at boot camp. I wish I could talk to him or at least email him like some other military boot camps do. <br />
Well I was the one to receive the first call and pass on to his family to tell him he's arrived at boot camp.I have to say that phone call was pretty traumatizing. I answered the phone and all i hear is a bunch of guys yelling "YES SIR!" and I can also hear the drill instructor yelling. I say "Hello? Hello?" I was kind of freaking out because all I hear is yelling. Then I finally hear his voice say "Hold on" OMG was my heart beating!! Then he finally gets on the phone and says "I am recruit Jacob Walz. The next time you will be hearing from me will be...." and it was something about him mailing out a letter to me and family. When he was done reciting whatever he was told to say, he said "I love you so much." And that was it. The call was literally 20 seconds long. It was both amazing to hear him yet horrible to hear him and all the yelling in the background! His voice was trembling. I've never heard him like that. I'm sure he had been yelling for hours and he was most likely really nervous. <br />
I do miss him terribly. I need to put some of his stuff away because when I see it, I get emotional. I just looked at some websites and it made me feel a bit better. I read about what to expect on Family Day (the day before graduation) and on Graduation Day. I can't wait to see him!! <br />
Yes it's hard that he's gone, but you gotta keep thinking of the positives. He's gonna be a much better person. Not saying that Jake or your boyfriend are bad now, but they will be a better them. One of the reasons Jake joined was because it was really hard for him to find a job. So you gotta think too that he will have a stable job for 4 years and he may make a career out of it. Therefore, a stable job for life. <br />
I hope it goes better for you! Being that you posted this November, I think your boyfriend is either at his end of boot camp or just got out. Let me know how it was seeing him at graduation! <br />
much <3