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I’m ne to the site, I’ve actually been prolonging this moment for weeks now. I somehow came across this site and when I did I thought “Wow this is great! A place where other Marine GFs, Fiances, and wifes can relate!” I told my boyfriend, Stephen and right away he thought it would be a great idea to join. So here I am now..

Here is our story; In our high school there was a club called the “Peer Group” kind of like a mentor program between the seniors and freshman. We both had the honor of being accepted into the group and LUCKLY we were put in the same group! He had always seen me around but I never did and so when our senior year began there was an instant attraction. BUT being in the same group we had a rule of “no one can date inside the group” as our leaders said that there were no ‘moves’ made by either. We got to learn about each other at a friendship level were we knew each other better than most people did/do. He was a part of the NJROTC at our high school and when the Navy ball in February came around he invited me to go, completely as friends and nothing more…so we thought. Everyone asked thousands of times if we were breaking the rule but no we were not. After that we talked almost everyday and got a chance to learn our likes dislikes and so on. Everyone would tell me that he liked me and all these rumors and me being me never believed it, not coming from him. Until at the end of April he asked me to take a walk with him and stopping at one of the water fountains he confessed that he did like me and wanted to talk at a different level. Things had gotten more serious and after a long conversation we decided to talk to our leaders together and so we did. A May day we took them aside and told them and they both already knew, they actually thought we had broken the rule. From there things were more normal, the flirting and all. We went to Prom together and were almost an “item” but we didn’t have the title. As we went to spend our Prom week we started in separate houses and the night before we left ended up together that was June 16th 2010. He asked me to be his girlfriend and now here we are almost a year later :)

He loves the Marines and always wanted to do it. He finally enlisted and made the weight requirement needed in January, swore-in in February and he is to leave for Boot Camp June 20th….It is finally hitting me that he is leaving soon, I guess this is why I got the guts to finally get on here. For support and advice.

Semper Fidelis Ladies <3
Ana :)
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Hey Ana! <br />
Your story is beautiful! <br />
I can relate to you because i am a young soon to be Marine girlfriend lol and i think i know everything about it, but i really dont lol. I try to do as much research and talking a possible but we wont really know how it is until we go thru it right? I dont have any friends that know what im about to go thru so its kinda hard sometimes. Ahh he leaves the same month as my boyfriend! My boyfriend leaves June 6th, which is 2 days away ! If you ever need anything message me and ill be here since we are going to be going thru our men at bootcamp around the same time!