My Boyfriend Is Being Deployed For 7 Months Soon

I haven't been this scared in i don't know how long. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 4 months now but we've known each other for six.  I barely ever get to see him because he's stationed in NC and i live in MD so it's about 7 hours away so I'm still kind of getting to know him. But the reason why I'm so scared about this deployment is because i know of his past.  Since he lives only a few miles away from my house I know his friends and people who know of what he was like before he started dating me...if you know what I mean.  Before we decided to date I asked him if he was looking for a long term relationship, cus it would really be a waste of our time if he wasn't, so he said yes for before and a long time after his deployment is over.  But I can't help but be scared that he'll want to revert back to his old ways.  I'm his first girlfriend he's had since he's wanted to change and I'm really scared he'll end it while he's gone, when ironically, everyone's afraid I'll be the one to break his heart while he's on the ship.  I can honestly say I don't know what to do.  I have a lot more feelings than i expected to have this early in a relationship which makes things even more frustrating since i can't really express it towards him since he doesn't feel the same way.  It's not really something i feel like I can talk to him about.  I'm so confused in what to do.
chellyj58 chellyj58
Jan 25, 2012