Cant Have Everything My Way

Finally got news about leave and it was approved it just wasnt approved to come to Texas..Jimmy didnt have enough days saved...I dont see why you need 10 days leave when your flying..But okay..I was a crushed and staying strong for him cause i knew he was even more upset was HARD! But after a few hours and a few tears (He didnt know about) I realized the tears and the depressing mood wasnt gonna get him here,it was time to be strong and move on..Iv waited 5 months a few more months isnt going to kill me...Nobody said it would be easy but i know the minute im in his arms i'll realize the wait is worth it....No matter what is a Semper Fi kinda relationship!! <3
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1 Response Jun 15, 2012

im sorry i know that's not enough to mend what you are going threw but i know how that feels my boyfriend and i were planning to go to Disneyland and they didn't approve his leave but a few months after he was able to come and that moment when i was walking in the gates of Disneyland with my handsome Marine and a rose in one had i broke into tears and i cherish that moment every day i cant be with the wait is always worth it <3 stay strong not only for yourself but for him