Blessings In Disguise

so i got another letter today from Gavin. and its so amazing how even if im having the worst day ever and im in the worst mood i see i got a letter and i am instantly super happy with the biggest smile on my face. and also today i was talking to Gavin's mother and she told me she loved me :) i know it might seem silly but it was one of the best feelings to hear that and to know she really cares about me and how im doing :) so today Gavin says the days seem like they are going buy faster and he can't wait to see me again :) i was telling him how i joined this site to talk to other marine girlfriends, wives, families, friends ect. and he told me it made him so happy to hear that he said he doesnt know why but it makes him happy. and it makes me so happy too. i remember feeling so alone and depressed the first few days he left and out of the blue i saw kinda like an advertisement about this site and i wasnt even looking for it, its amazing how even when your not looking for something you really need it finds its way to you like it was just meant to be. i have heard from and read about some amazing people on this site and i have to say anyone who is going through this would be surprised at how much this site helps even if you dont realize it. i never thought i could share my feelings to complete strangers like this but it has helped me so much and i am forever grateful for this experience :) its like a blessing in disguise.

with that all said i just wanted to say thank you to all of you and all of your support :) and i hope for happy endings for all of you :) lots of love to all of you :)
Copper2790 Copper2790
22-25, F
Dec 1, 2012