One Month Down 2 More To Go

So Gavin was struggling for a while there before he started to get letters but now that he has gotten letters he is doing so much better i can hear the difference in his letters now they are more happy :) so he found out he needs glasses so they had to make him a prescription :) he says he makes the glasses look sexy :) but now today in his letter he said hes having problems with his knee so they have him in a brace and he has to do special exercises but even with that he is still staying strong and positive. :) its funny how things work out. when he first told me he was joining the marines i was so scared about how our relationship was going to work out and if he would realize one day he didnt want to be with me. the long distance thing scared me alot too. but now after him being gone for only a month our relationship seems stronger then ever. he says in all his letters how much he loves me and "misses me like CRAZY" :) and i have realized how much i love him and i just cant live without him in my life. even though boot camp has been hell for the both of us it has also made both of us realize just how much we mean to each other i truly believe this was a blessing in disguise :)he also said in one of his letters he really hopes i will want to go with him where ever they send him :) and he is gonna figure out a way to bring me with him... whatever that means..? i told him i would follow him to mars if thats where they wanna send him :) he graduates on February 1st and i can't wait. this whole experience has been so hard and at times so depressing but it was worth it. i believe it has opened our eyes and our hearts :) and i am so grateful for all of you on here you have made this so much easier and i thank you all :)
Copper2790 Copper2790
22-25, F
Dec 4, 2012