Poor People

I have supported them for over a year now and i love to read the newsletters to see who they've helped this month and where your money went. I've always been a strong believer on Human Rights as i think a lot of people are hard done too everyday, innocent or even guilty, i think people are pushed too far. It all started for me when i was handed a leaflet in the street from Amnesty about a guy who had been locked up in Turkey for voicing his opinion on some political issues. I just thought "how dare they? Can we not voice our opinions anymore? Where is our freedom of speech?" The money was to help run campaigns to get him out, as he was also being cruelly mistreated. I also managed to write him a letter to tell him my thoughts and he gratefully replied also. By the time he replied he had been given a release date. He was so happy, and so was i. This helped me want to carry on supporting. It's nice to know you have helped someone and made their day.

SammyCymru SammyCymru
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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

That's cool! Sounds like a good cause! They could have probably campaigned for this guy also! Glad to meet another member of charity-giving! I'm the only person that i personally know of that gives money lol

I am a member of PEN which defends freedom of ex<x>pression all over the world and fights for justice for political prisoners.