Sacred Lips, Proud Wings Of Womanhood

In a time where the adepths of Heffner and friends almost load the contemporary women with the idea that the vagina should look so smooth, uncontaminated with lips on the outside, sometimes disrespectful compared to turtles. Pixelgraphics emphasize and enlarge this image. A boost on the income of plastic surgeons is the result and besides the sillicons for esthetics, now the lips are treated to look like the models proudly presented in the glossy's that the hubbies stare at. Many hubbies what this at home as well and a new symbol of beauty is born. How different is nature and the issue of selfconciousness, self esteem and being happy with the body you live in and the goodies you have. How many times are looks and outside visual factors mixed up with ultimate beauty. Beauty is for the larger part inside, not outside. Moreover Beauty is subjective. What I think is mindblowing, does not turn the other on. Look here how wonderfully divers the interests of people are on ep. I am a great fan and lover of the "butterfly" vagina. Better shaped I can hardly imagine, The butterfly ***** is a treat to lick, to suck, to slide your hard **** along, or your strap-on, in case of FF. My GF has great large lips. The tast of her female liquids spread over her lips and stay there almost longer a time than I spent licking her. She enjoys it for hours. Just sliding in my hard, uncut and shaved **** in her subtropical chamber of desire, the gates of her whomb climb up around my hard rod. then follow the rhytm of the peristaltic movements of our hips and bums. The salted flavours and her lips slide inside her ***** and pop out again to curl up to the shaft, the look and feel bring lust, passion, love and intoxication to the highest level.
I couldn't miss my butterfly, on the outskirts of the vulcano of desire... respect and gratitude to the sacred lips, the proud wings of the worshipped womanhood...
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Oh my you are a poet, lovely story, your girlfriend is sooo lucky.<br />
I like to keep my womanly wings shaved, as for plastic surgery I would have to say no, I am who I am.<br />

Worshipping the wonderful parameters of the exquisite wings of womanhood, and tasting the sweetsalted moist of it, does not implicate that differently shaped treasures of the desirable female shapes would not represent the indescribable and immaculate labirynth of the intoxicating chamber of love. I happen to get extremely aroused by butterfly wings. When getting involved and in love with a partner that is adorned with the also extremely beautifull flowershaped, or the gentle and plain designed, "textbook" like, I would eat it with the same passion. I love the people as they are with al the aspects that make them unique....but it saddens me when the entertainement industry make people believe that they should undergo surgery to change from how they look to how they should look according to the trendsetters ...but yes kissing the butterflies and flowers remains for me a thrill

Alas, mine looks pretty textbook - no "different" coloring or fleshy inner lips.

Archangel and WildOrchid, thank you for your nice comment on a story that I wrote in 5 minutes and came from my heart. The gratitude is mine.

My GF is and will stay the lickiest and luckiest woman on earth. I will pass your compliments to her and ask her permission for you to engulf me, I feel privileged. Thank you for your kind comment DrinkFromMe13

Even if the ***** says "No!" I would still try! hahahaha

You have one hell of a lucky GF! And from what I have seen of your "Rod".........I would engulf you! :)