little boys! B is 4 and F is 1.

B was born in august of 2004, via "emergency" c/section (c/s). i was in labor for 21 hours and was dilated to a 9 and they took me to c/s. my midwife & ob argued (in front of me) about where i was dilated too. he goes, she is a 7 and when *I* think she is at a 9, we will go from there. if she isnt at a 9 in a hour she's going to c/s. he never came back and i was prepped for my c/s. (needless to say i was mad) B was 8lbs 13.8oz and 21" long

F was born in january of 2008 via repeat c/s. F was 8lbs 4.7oz & 19" long

i have bigs kids. but F is tiny now lol. he is my peanut where B is still my big guy. he is 3'7" and 45lbs and F is 19lbs and 29" long, as of his 1yr check up.

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Mar 23, 2009