I Love My Son ...

My son is 18, in high school, and is a remarkable young man. He is gaining in wisdom and allowing his life experiences to help him be more compassionate, tolerant, and forgiving. I am very proud of him, for his growth, recognizing the need for accountability, and setting personal goals.

He will be a great contributor to the community he chooses to live in, and work in.

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3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

its the best feeling in the world when we, as parents, look at our children and how far they have come. you have been a wonderful teacher of life to your son and he will take them lessons with him throughout the rest of his life. love from mossleycalling.

he sounds like a good guy.<br />
my oldest son is 16.....bumpy road-time ahead, probably, tho we've always been thisclose. i trust him. more than i can say for the family i come FROM. they are often rude and critical and he sees it. he even sees, unfortunately, how favoring some over others works in families---suffice it to say im NOT the favorite. he seems to have much fewer issues than me--thank God~~!!

He is a tribute to his mother and her wisdom and insight.