my best friend of all my life was killed in 1995 on january 1st.  she is always in my dreams.  we both have kids and hers were only 8 and 11 when she died. she is there in my dreams always. we are skipping school or whatever what does this mean?  her entire family is dead now she was a only child our 25th class reunion is this year... will i always dream about her?  I feel that she is communicating with me always.  her son nick is in the military in iraq........could she be asking me to watch over him or warn me about something?  my son Tylor is in the AirForce in England He is a fireman is she watching over him?  I just am so confused over this..but I am at peace and calm..

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Dreams can be different for each. I would think your's are more or you letting the emotional power your friend had, help you. Yet, I wouldn't rule out her "talking" to you.

You should keep a journal of your dreams and write down what you can remember. Also on this website you can share a dream the same way you shared this story. There are people on this site who are knowledgable on dream interpretation and do a pretty good job. Check it out you may get some of these dreams interpreted.