Three Months Was All It Took.

From the moment we met i knew that we would be enlisting in the U.S. Navy yet i didnt know that i would fall for him so hard and so fast. I never saw him as the perfect fairy tale guy but rather as something that i cant explain in words. I saw him as something real, we had disagreements about every major subject except religion. I realized that i didnt have to agree with every one all the time and i thought him to see things the same way. We both learned to have normal conversations about our different point of views and not come out upset at each other which for me was something i had never accomplished with anyone. I fell in love with him and by the way he would look at me i could tell he had fallen for me just as bad. Our different cultures brought us closer together. He left for boot-camp the first week of December and i didnt know how hard it would be for me to be away from him. I cant help but think its going to be four more years before we get to truly be together again but I'll wait as long as it take no matter what it takes because I love him.
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3 Responses Jan 3, 2011

Good luck to you and your guy! Everyday your one day closer to being with him. I wish you two all the luck in the world <3

Aww thank you so much! You will be just fine when your boyfriend leaves as well and this support group really does help a lot! Good Luck to you and your boyfriend as well :)

I love this, you and your man seem like an adorable couple! I think of the same thing, that four years will seem like a lifetime until I get to be with him and not have the navy in the way. Good luck to both of you with your relationship and good luck to you bf at boot camp :)