New Navy To Cope With Distance And Limited Contact?

I am in love with a navy officer and him with me, he has just gone away for a month, he's only been away for a week today, but it feels like ages, I'm finding it really hard to get on with things at home, I have exams next week so I really need to revise, but I find myself thinking about him 24/7 and constantly checking my emails to see if he has sent me one. Later in the year he is going away for 6months! I love him so much that to leave him is unthinkable but I would love some advice or support on how to cope?! 



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2 Responses Jan 10, 2010

Same here my boyfriend just left on tuesday for a 7 month deployment. This is my first one and its hard but you just have to stay strong. Emails are helping me a ton. and in a couple days hes getting a calling card so im so excited to hear is voice again. Just know he will appreciate you being strong...and if you can get through a deployment you can get through anything!!

I am in the same situation as you. My bf just left monday for deployment and it is already killing me. He is gone for 9 months. Stay strong for him and keep your head up high. Know that he will be back for you and cannot wait to be with you once again.