New Navy Girlfriend Looking For Advice

I met my Navy boyfriend through a close friend at school. We meet in September 09 and really hit it off. Both of us have very traditional values and morals which is hard to find now a days. We starting dating at the end of September and oh how time flys! He is preparing to graduate from college this May and leave for Pensacola, Flordia for flight school to become a NFO. I still have another year of undergraduate left and a four year PharmD program to complete here in NM. Neither want us to rush into a marriage or engagement even though our time together will be limited for the next five years. I never knew I was going to fall in love with a Navy 'soon to be' Officer and I want to make sure I do everything I can to make this relationship strong.  Since we will have only been dating eight months when he leaves I am looking for advice from others experiences of how to love, bond and grow with him even though Pensacola is 1300 miles away. Then when time passes, maybe ill be able to give back by offering advice to other from what I have learned.


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I can't offer you much advice, I am in the same situation, or at least to a degree. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6months and he is joining (so he's new to the whole thing) Navy. I'm not sure where his boot camp will be, where he will be stationed after that, or even what he will be doing. We've both graduated college, but he is joining the Navy and I am going back to school. I know it's going to be hard, but being uncertain about what's to come makes it even worse. I understand how you want to make the relationship strong, I do with mine as well. I also understand the not wanting to rush into marriage or engagement. I feel like we've only just met and I feel to young to consider that just yet. I don't even think he wants to do that yet either. But I agree with Patience... Her title is very poignant as well, patience. Get excited for the letters you receive from him, send him as many as you can as well. Letters are an interesting intimacy and can create strong bonds over the longest of distances, even with only a few words.

My boyfriend and I have been together, in away for over a year and like you we met in 09 but were both in high school. I knew he was thinking of joining the military but was always worried to ask about it, I still remember the 1st time he ever told me about it, it scared me. But now, he's been gone since July, bootcamp was across the country, now he's in a state about as south of me as you can get. I miss him like crazy but letters are great, he even made a surprse visit for 4 days during Thanksgiving. <br />
I've saved texts, and a really sweet voicemail, and all the letters, those are what reminds me of what Im waiting for, and how he's more than worth it. I hope this has helped you, good luck to you both