One Of My Major Goals In Life!

               I try my hardest to be nice to everyone and i think if everyone did, this world would be a much better place. Now it is not always easy and definitely not always convenient but it is always worth it in the end. Now i don't mean give your best friend a ride or loan friends/family sums of money or anything like that. I mean when you see a complete stranger broke down on the side of the road you at least stop and ask if everything is ok and if there is something you can do. Now some people say what if its not safe to get to them or your not the most physically fit person in the world and/or you don't think you could deafened yourself if you needed to. Well that fact of the matter is if you don't think it is safe then keep going but if you feel like it is stop. Sometimes they say no thank you and you head on your way and sometimes assistance your able to give is needed like just having a cell phone and able to call someone to help them, like one of there friends or a tow truck or in bad situations 911. Now i don't know about the rest of you but if i was every in a bad situation and needed help i would want someone to stop and help me so i continue to do so until the day arises "if it does" when i need help someone stops for me because what goes around comes around good or bad. 

and on a similar note the whole nice thing applies to everything else like strangers who drop something or whatever the case may be so remember help people and people may return the favor one day =).  well i hope everybody has a great day!  Bye for now.  

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aww ty =)