I'm not an expert writer or anything...but I just thought, for myself, that I would write a short story detailing how I was an oversensitive kid with special needs that were NOT addressed by my family. They just treated me like any "normal" kid. So here it goes:

I didn't do it for attention. I SWEAR I didn't do it for attention. I thought he was going to do something bad. I thought he was going to hit me.

But hitting people isn't bad, right? It's what my brother does all the time. My mom once hit me once.

Speaking about my mom, I HATE playing the piano in front of her. I'm just so nervous about everything! About making mistakes, about having the right music on the stand, everything! And when I do make mistakes, I cry. But what does mommy do? She sits there, and thinks I'm WEAK. Yes, she called me weak. She asked me why I was crying. She asked me if I cry all the time.

Why was dad so angry when I wet my pants? Did he hit me? I can't tell. All I remember is me crying.

Why is dear brother so hurtful? Why does he tell me to go away at school, and why does he call me stupid? Why does he tell me to shut up in public? Why?

Don't feel so bad, mom. Don't feel so bad, dad. Don't feel so bad, my dear brother. You all had a part in making me who I am today. You all frakctured me.
frakctured frakctured
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Since your life parallel in every way to how my family treated me I will suggest you follow my lead in what I have done to deal with the hurt and anger for acceptance and closure in order to move on with my life.

I always loved my parents and no matter how hard I tried or whatever I did to please them and make them proud of me nothing was ever good enough. For that matter criticism and put downs were always the end result and I cannot recall ever a compliment or word and praise. Bottom line I finally realized some people do not want to be pleased. They are miserable people and misery loves company. Family should only be taken in small doses and both of us have toxic families and you need to get the Hell as far away from then ASAP.

I highly recommend you write some form of manuscript (i.e. memoir, biography, diary, novel, etc.) documenting each instance of every time you were abused verbally and/or physically by each member that scarred you for life. You will vent and feel the weight you have carried lifted and relieved of what has been a burden carried now gone forever

I can assure you that they do not see themselves for the horrible people they truly are and make sure each gets a copy of what you wrote when finished. My mother apologized and admitted she did me wrong and asked me to forgive her which I already had long ago. My father knew he was wrong and most likely felt shame and guilt but resented me for causing him remorse for his behavior towards me and would not admit it much less make amends of any kind. It only widened the rift in the ambivalent relationship he had.

Do not expect them to change by letting them know how they hurt and scarred you and you will not be disappointed.

However, know that I care about you even if your family does not. Life is all about letting go. Let go Louie and have a wonderful life which waits ahead.

The wise man said (me) "The future shall always be bleak for those who live in the past."

Define normal insofar as the perfect picture of mental health please.

Fractured but not broken, I won't admited to no one person but Iam broken read my story. Anyway life is wonderful and You got to believe in yourself, chin up god gave everbody a special gift, and the only person that can see that is you. ONLY YOU KNOW.
Forgive yourself for these things that were done to you and rise above it, you are better than a lot of people. Forgive and forget. Remember Jesus heals fracured and broken hearts, may god be with you and Jesus watch over you.....

" crying "

What are you crying about silly....lol