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I'm not sure exatly when or how I became a nudist lover but I do remember when I was around 9 and my sister was around 7 that we both liked to be nude with each other. It was strictly between us as our parents would have had a stroke lol. We did the "doctor" thing like most kids do and after a while we both seemed to get nude or semi nude around each other every chance we could. This developed into a love of the clothes free life for us both. She has married and moved a distance away so we don't get a chance to share ourselves. I am relegated to be a closet nudist at home since wife is very much against it. If you would like to be friends then please drop me a note.

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I've been a nudist on/off since I was about 12.

When I was 13 and in 8th grade, my best friend invited me to spend the weekend at his house. They live in the country and had a pool, so I thought it would be lots of fun. My parents were very strict and didn't think they would let me go, but they really liked my friend and said I could. When I got to his house, I didn't know how to act because I was really a shy kid. There was only one other boy there, which was my friend's little brother who was 11. I was always very polite and quiet. When it came time to play in the pool, I was shocked to see brad and his little brother ***** naked and walk around like nothing. His mom must have seen the shock on my face because she said that they were very casual and that it was ok to be naked. She also said if it made me uncomfortable I could stay in my boxers. Well, by that age, I had developed already and had hair above my **** and could sport a pretty good stiffy. I stayed in my boxers for a good while, but they kept slipping down when they got wet. Finally, brad's mom said I better just take them off. I took a deep breath and took them off in the water. I coudnt believe I was naked in front of brad's family. His mom was really pretty and just sat and watchedus play. Soon, she too took off her robe and was naked sunbathing. I really got a big erection and tried to hide it. She told me not to worry about it and before I knew it, I was hooked on nudity. It was really fun and exciting being naked with the whole family and I did that with them until I graduated high school. I never told my parents.

Know what you mean. My wife fusses at me all the time about putting on clothes she dose not agree.