I Got a 3rd Chance

i too got alot of second chances. i have tried to kill myself 3 times. each time it didnt wrk. and im thankful for that. if the first time or the second time had worked i wouldnt be here today. i wudnt be really happy with my boyfriend i would of made everyone around me sad. i got a 2nd chance but i also got a 3rd one. im thankful that i am where i am today and im very happy that things are going the way that they are. life is fun to live and im glad i realized that
fallaway fallaway
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 22, 2007

It's hard to climb out of the pit. I'm glad to hear you made it. I always have a hard time in January.

ı know tımes are hard, you lose someone care for through death or a broken heart...but belıeve me how ever hard your lıfe ıs you wıll get through ıt...ıts always abıt better the next day..you have to be strong always....lıfe ıs a grand ıf you know how to apprecıate ıt and enjoy the small thıngs lıke sıttıng on the beach and lıstenıng to the waves, or watchıng small chıldren growıng up, bırds sıngıng, beıng healthy,havıng frıends around you, thınk of all these thıngs and just try to feel happy.