So Life Goes On

Well he we go, i got news today due to the economy and being laidoff for a few months now, it has been one hell of a rollar coaster ride, benifits are now cut, i now got to apply for the government for help on that one, had a job for 2 days until the guy who quit, his other job fell through and beg for his job back as i was being trained, so i got the boot due to experience, imagine that. So what i plan to do is, not look back and dwell on the problems, it just makes things misserable So i up went and booked a few tours to some colleges and have ei cover the cost(hopefully) of the schooling. As that is going on, i will also plan on challenging a government test for a 310J trailer mech. license, since been in the trade for 13 yrs. So today is also my assessment day for ei woo woo.

tryingthisout1 tryingthisout1
Feb 25, 2009