Ladies Rainwear, But Not Just Plastic.

I have had the great experience of meeting a very free female friend who has introduced me to the highest levels of rainwear. I used to have a great interest in PVC but she has now taken me to further heights as she is addicted to Burberry Trenchcoats. A very expensive item, but OMG what a look, it can be smart, sexy and yet with nice thigh high boots underneath can be very sluttish.

We both enjoy being together dressed like this and it most certainly heightens the sexual libido. Just to see her dressed provocativly this way does wonders for me. Walking in the countryside ca lead to a sudden urge to have sex. Laid on the ground or up against a tree the feeling is so good. Exploring her body through her coat makes me so excited and we do both enjoy the "outcome".

She does insist at times that some of the lovely love juice goes on her mac so that she can look at it later and remember the lovely time and how it got there.

I know we are not alone in this particular trend so if anyone would like to reply to this please feel free to do so.



burberry55 burberry55
Mar 4, 2010