I am second, I know now what I must do I am tired of sitting back and just watching you, please know I am scared but this is my prayer my peace offering from me to you, I must kill the dollar the pound the euro and the paso just know this is a sacrifice for I have lived in such an unholy dishonorable life and this money is destroying everything that is sacred in life, nothing is right, I cry out for a better tomorrow and want to be placed in your light,do not let me be corrupted for it is you who in me you trusted even after everything you gave I lusted ,give the faithful what they need and remove all the greed I just want to believe I struggle everyday and just want a stronger faith and to show everyone that you will provide, their is no need to want and worry that you are on our side, I offer my life my soul please take control and lead this role, a full frontal assault on the dollar these people non of them are evil they all have hearts they are all men woman and just want to make it for I hate this dollar and ask you to forsake it, Oh no lord I can not longer take I hate this imitaition of light and life and it is time for you to take it,that which is yours and give it to the faithful, please lord amen
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
May 10, 2012