Neurological Damage

Mon. June 7th I had a “Neurologic Event/attack” that got much worse and became a prolong seizure/status epileptics.
I was in a coma for week without normal brain function. The hospital said I would most likely die without returning to “normal brain function” once life support was removed.
Even though I have severe neurological damage to parts of my body and some brain damage I am back in this world/alive. (note my wife is writing part of this.)
There is no reason to feel sorry for me because I have had a very exciting with lots of adventures and no regrets.
This time when I returned to this world I was with not only my Dark Goddess but ALL aspects of our one God/Creator and felt NO judgment.
That God sets in judgment is a great lie that has been used to con and control others by organized religions for thousands of years.
We are all an aspect of the divine and without t evil depending on how close we are to our divine nature…DD
Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
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thanks for your thoughts and all...i am more then ready...DD

Iam very thankful that my wife is here to take care bof me. I am in so much pain an my left arm has severe damage so it is not much use[. <br />
<br />
Ha,we should have met before i fell in love with my wife. Back in the days when i had my motercycle...DD

D.D. I am so Blessed to have you in my life. I feel high respect for you, my elder, and will feel a great loss when you go home again. I also love you enough to feel happy for you that you will be pain free once more. I'm so enthralled with your death experience I would love to hear more. I Love You D.D.<br />
Always Love & Light, WM

Th plus i have like...<br />
you very much. <br />
You are one of only a few that i havev not blocked be cause i fee the same with you.<br />
<br />
Dear,i have severe damage and can not use my right arm. Worse- much worse-i have neuro pain that<br />
morphine and other pain meds don't help at all.<br />
<br />
The DARK GODDESS has gifted me with th worse pain ever- Thank you Mother!!!!<br />
<br />
I did die but She made me come back...DD

My friend, I am happy that something has allowed you to grace us with your presence once again. You are very, very important to me. xxxxx