Love You Forever And Ever....

Here is my story......I am recently widowed yesterday was a month since I lost my Rob he had been sick for a while and we expected his passing it doesn't make it any easier. I am left with 3 young boys 11, 8 and 3 and the knowledge that I need to continue with life because of these boys. The problem is I feel so guilty!!! When my husband passed and I had to leave him on that hospital bed by himself it killed me again. I knew he was gone and I had to but it was awful. Now I feel the same way like I am closing the door and leaving him behind in the past. Funny how your heart and your mind can't agree I mean I understand that I have to keep moving but my heart still aches for doing that. I have made two different shrines for the babe since he was cremated and that gives me comfort. This process is just so painful. Thanks for reading.
robsluv robsluv
41-45, T
Jan 14, 2013