My Husdan Died 6 Months Ago Today

My husband left to go to work Sept 19th and didn't come home.  He fell 12 meters from the buidling he was working on.  We where living in Greece and very happy buidling a new life together.  Then in a instant it was all over.  I still can't believe this happened and I'm soooo sad all of the time but I know my friends and family need to thing and see that i'm okay, so I pretend.  I just don't want to be here without him and I don't know what to do.  I've moved back to Canada, started a new job so i should be grateful but I'm not, just very sad.  I feel that I'm just going through the motions and doing whatever my family tells me to do. 


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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

i am sorry for your loss, take the time that you won't go away quickly. many are thinking about you and will keep your needs in prayer. writing would probably help out.

I am so sorry :(. You lost him in such a tragic way. I lost my husband at his work also. It will be 3 yrs May 11th. With just 6 months you are still in shock or at least I was. I know it does not seem like it now but it does get a little easier. The pain and loss is still there you will just adjust to living with it. I still miss my husband each and every day. I wait for his calls, at 6pm it's very hard because that is when he walked through the door from work. Sometimes it's just the little thing's like watching TV and laughing or crying alone. Unfortunately there are many widows on EP and I am sure you can message any of us to talk. Sometimes just talking to someone going through the same thing can help. Write to me anytime.