Helping Others Is My Reward!

I joined EP to help a wonderful woman I met on Ebay, via House, ironic it has become is putting it mildly!

This lady sent me a note in my purchase telling me she was sorry for the short delay, but her daughter had given birth to a baby girl with the diagnosis of ANENCEPHALY, and she/they were all over-whelmed with the diagnosis. I happen to know a lot about the diagnosis, as some of my early nursing experience was at the Univ of Miami (FL) & Jackson Memorial Hospital where they see the most unusual along with the norms. That email lead to others and this kind lady had turned into a dear friend! She has taken over the care of this baby, quitting her job to do so. I have a special talent in the teaching of others who are non-medical and in lay terms, so they understand and can be empowered more dealing with the medical community. The grandbaby's diagnosis has now changed to HYDRANENCEPHALY, and the baby is now 9 months old and doing things that the doctors either said she could not possibly be able to do OR they thought the Grandma was thinking she saw. I know better and have seen things in my 40 yrs that are totally unexplainable but for the word 'miracle'. The new diagnosis fits better with what this Grandma is witnessing, and I happily want to help her in getting support for her grand-daughter and also for herself, as this will most likely be a longer haul situation than "a few days".

I love helping others in this way. I have the time and the brain power. If it helps one other person to sleep at night rather than worry, I'm all over it!

My new friend, lives in IN and I am in NC, but we are just a few keystrokes away!

lrhg lrhg
56-60, F
Feb 18, 2010