Personally, I feel body hair on women is horrid, animalistic.
There is nothing sophisticated of body hair, its functionless in our age of clothing.if you have synthetic fabric lingerie on hair just makes your body more prone to having the potential for bacteria.

I shave regularly
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fully shaved here too!

Very interesting I do not shave I have not shaved since I am a Goddess...and one with nature...I am very happy with my body image...I do not believe I will ever change a thing about 54 I can careless what others think of me...they do not have to think or speck. nor do as I is my will be done...not anyone elses...This is just my humble opinion...Love and Light Mary

Smooth and hair free is the ONLY way to live!

MEE TOO just to hot to wear

I'm born to a family that considers body hair or men a sign of masculinity, and body hair on women a sign of their effeminate brand of masculinity, and so as they want to appear more feminine they shave it off, but no man in my family ever shaves their body hair without a real good reason.

So do I, well parts

Just love it smoooth....

Couldn't agree more!

Tbh i may sound weird but i prefer a woman with a little patch above her labia i find it erotic in some sense

me too! looks a bit strange! but feels so good

I dont shave my area just trim .-. Lol