To Danielle

Written to my youngest, 24 year old, Danielle after driving her to the airport so she could catch her flight back to California after a visit home

     To Danielle
I hate driving to the airport.
The ride home is never right.
Because I already miss you,
Though I try with all my might,
To hold on to the present,
I know I’ll have to let you go
But I want you to remember,
That, I’ll always love you so!
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4 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Aaaah that is so wonderful that you can say that to her!

That is so beautiful! It makes my eyes tear up. :'

Damn, it still brings a tear to my eyes, too. Dani is 39, married, with an 9 month old daughter and she lives in LA, but she will always be my baby...

aaawww......stop making me cry.....


Aww. Thats really nice. My mom always tells me no matter how old i get ill always be her baby. Its sweet.

So sweet

She's my baby - even today as a married woman of 39 with a baby of her own...